Chicken Fat

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5 Years
Jun 6, 2016
North Central Minnesota
Our chickens are about 14 weeks old now and they are still skinny & flat looking. Shouldn't they be shiny fat & fluffy by now and if not when do they start? They have their regular feed and then lots of veggies & fruits scraps & such. We also let them free range for about an hour before bed time. That's about the only time we can. We also give them some mealworms once in a while. I'd think with all of that food & treat at their disposal they would definitely be fat by now.
Only Cornishx broilers should be fat! Your birds may be getting too many goodies, unbalancing their diet. What breeds do you have? Chicks that age generally are at the lean adolescent stage rather than bulky. Mary
Hi. Thank you. I don't think I give them to may treats really. Let's see..... I sprinkle a few dried mealworms on the ground for them once every few days, the same with watermelon, strawberries, apples & unsalted peanuts. They mostly free range then I have the Omega three infused organic pellets in their feeder along with fresh water daily mixed with the electrolytes & probiotics solution once in a while but mainly when it's over 90 degrees & oppressively humid like it has been here the past few weeks. :( The breeds that I have are RIR, Ostralorp, Orpington & Ameraucana. Thinking of adding a Black Copper Maran & an Easter Egger soon.

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