chicken feathers gone???


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Apr 24, 2009
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Okay , here goes. I have 3 chickens(Bantams,allI know) I went to bed last night they were fine I get up today and they do not have any feather or fuzz down their back. Their backs are red and you see where the feathers were or maybe where the new feathers will be on 2 of them. They are about 6 weeks old. They are eating and drinking. I can't take a picture and post it because I don't know how. Can any one help me? They also are trying to fly out of the yard. What do I do?
I'm not certain about the sudden loss in all three birds during one night of feathers. That sounds odd.

To post a picture, go to Uploads (at the top of the page), browse for the picture you want to post (it has to be loaded into your computer first) and then click "submit" Copy the link and paste it into a message using the "Img" button.
I have seen chicks pick on each other and peck on backs. Do they have a light on at night? If they do maybe you should turn it off.

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