Chicken feed protein boost?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by zbraswell92, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. zbraswell92

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    Dec 6, 2011
    Roswell, Ga
    My personalized chicken feed only has around 11% protein. :/ Is there an easy way to increase the protein content? Where can I get meat meal/protein in Atl, Ga? Can I use blood meal?
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    If you like, you can see my BYC page for what I feed. One way to do it is by adding seeds, ROASTED soybean meal, unsalted peanuts, scrambled eggs, fish meal (be careful with that one...make sure you know that it is for poultry feed and not gardening or rancid).

    Do not feed gardening products to them. I would stay away from blood meal and all things not designed for feed. The simplest thing is to mix in some nonmedicated chick starter or Flock Raiser, as that will be 20% protein. If you are trying to stay organic, they have organic chick starter.

    If you are staying away from soy, then you can do as I do and add seeds...peanuts...split peas (uncooked).

    Lentils can be fed also...I prefer cooked but there are links on the web stating they don't have to be cooked for poultry and swine.
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  3. ChickensAreSweet

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    Dec 29, 2011
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    I heard that you can feed hard boiled eggs to the chickens for added protein. If you feed chick starter wouldn't that be too much for layers to handle? I also heard that you could feed ground lean hamburger as well. Any comments more than welcome with much needed info.

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  5. Fred's Hens

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    Reconstituted alfalfa flakes or pellets. 16% protein, if I remember correctly.

    You could also buy a mineral/vitamin package from any feed mill. Just the Concentrate Pak. These are used to take ground grains like oats or corn, which only average 10-11 percent up to 16% and add the minerals and balance nutrition as well. Just a thought.
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    Feb 26, 2011
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    Also, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds are 22% protein. That could be part of your recipe.

    And [​IMG]
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  7. Beekissed

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    Fermented whole grains and sprouted grains ups the protein levels without running pillar to post looking for ingredients that are not readily found.
  8. Chris09

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    Jun 1, 2009
    Black Oil Sunflower Seeds are only around16 percent protein.
    22 percent protein is much closer to the protein amount of Striped Sunflower Seeds

  9. Chris09

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    Jun 1, 2009
    Quick question, what is the reason for mixing you own feed?
    If you are wanting to do just a simple mix your best bet would be to get a bag of mixer, it has a high amount of protein in it and your bird will get all the vitamins and minerals they need to survive.
    You can go with a product called Chick-n-Egg put out by Hubbard Feed or better yet is a 40% concentrate put out by Buckeye Nutrition.

  10. 7961

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    Jun 12, 2009
    I don't know why not make it easy on yourself and just go buy a bag of chicken feed. There are different rationed feeds with different protein amounts. That way the chickens will have a nutritionally balanced feed with out the need for supplements.

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