Chicken feet problems

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    Nov 11, 2015
    Lower Michigan
    I moved my two month old chickens to the coop in a cage so they could become familiar with my older chickens. Yesterday I found one barely alive and stiff so I thought maybe with the cold it was frozen it's feet were swallon and stiff as a board. I brought it in and tried warming it up but it died. I moved my other babies into my basement since it's a little warmer and this morning I noticed two with swollen feet almost looks like pockets of water on the bottoms of there feet. Is this frost bite? They also seem skinnier than my other babies. I'm located in lower michigan so it's been very cold lately
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    Can you post some photos of the feet?

    From your description is does sound like frostbite.

    Here's a very good article with helpful treatment tips and advice: See post#12
  3. Yep Frost bite........They need to be introduced to cooler temps slowly......Sorry....


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