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    Chicken Flock Reduction Sale! I have a few hens, roosters, pullets, and cockerals available!!
    Hens: $20 each
    Roosters: $5 each or Free if you buy a Hen!

    I will also trade, looking for a few Runner Duck Females, any color.

    4 Hens (Red/Buff) Turkens/Naked Necks (Lays large brown eggs!!) -$20each (2 Hens SOLD)
    1 Rooster (Red) Turken/Naked Neck -$5
    1 Blue/Buff Hen Bearded Easter Egger Hen -$20 (SOLD)
    1 Blue Cochin Rooster -$5
    1 Blue Splash Marans Hen -$20 (SOLD)
    1 Dixie Rainbow Hen -$20 (SOLD)
    1 Blue Cochin Mix Hen -$20(SOLD)
    1 Black/Gold Cochin Mix Cockeral -$5
    1 Bantam Blue/Gold Easter Egger Mix Hen (Lays tiny green eggs) -$20 (SOLD)
    1 Russian Orloff Pullet $10 (She has no beard)
    1 Red Silkie Rooster -$5

    I also have a Little Giant Still Air Incubator, only used once. In box with instructions: $40
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