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I am asking for my cousin who has a flock of her own. Yesterday she was given 3 birds to add to her flock. One of the birds looks like the photos. It is a polish laced and was free range. I mentioned bumblefoot to her but she Googled it and doesn't think that is it. Any thoughts or advice?
I think there is some scaly leg mites, but I would wonder if the bigger problem would be articular gout. It can cause swollen feet, and there can be many causes for it, including feeding too much protein, sodium, or calcium in the diet, or from fungal infection, or other causes.
Yes, this looks like a case of leg scale mites and gout. Once it gets to this point, the bird can go completely lame.

You might get some vaseline and slather it all over her toes, feet, legs once a day. Keep her someplace clean at all times. Do this daily for several months to help soften the crusty scales. The vaseline will also help to smother the mites. You can also use some Ivermectin Pour on for Cattle, about 4 drops behind the neck. Make sure to get it directly on the skin and not on the feathers were it will not be effective.

As for the gout, once they get it, it is very difficult to treat. Reduce amount of protein in the diet. I would use the lowest protein chicken feed you can find and mix in some millet or even scratch to lower the protein even more. Tart cherries are really good to help removed the build up of acid in the joints. Birds with gout have a lot of pain in the feet. So it might help them to use ACV in the water as well to help with pain and inflammation. 1 tablespoon per gallon. Change it daily. The bird will also benefit from an hour a day under an infra red heat lamp. Infra red is a very healing wave length. It is very penetrating as compared to white light and helps to increase circulation through out the body and heal internal tissue.

This will be a long and on going process with this bird. Do not expect over night healing. The leg scale alone will take many months. The gout may never completely heal.

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