chicken getting out of sling.. help


In the Brooder
5 Years
Sep 16, 2014
My chick injured his leg somehow and I made him a sling to see if it will help. But he keeps trying to get out of it. What can I do to keep him in it. I'll post a picture of what I came up with originally.

It might be better for him to lie down in a small space, and rest his leg. Is there any way to fence him off in the brooder with water and feed so he can still see the others?
In the picture I have him fenced off but I could cut some holes in the side so he can see the others. I took him out of the sling last night after he tried to escape. I was afraid that during the night he would end up hurting himself trying to get out of it. His leg seems to be a little better this morning but not a huge difference, just seems to be able to stand better. I'm going to get some vitamins to put in his water tonight. I've read that it can sometimes be a vitamin b deficiency.

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