CHicken goes blind from shock


7 Years
Nov 4, 2012
My dog got to one of my chickens 2 days ago. She seemed to be ok at first glance. No teeth marks or blood or even missing feathers, just a wet tummy (she was on her back and my boarder collie had her pinned down.) I was thankful that I was lucky enough to stop it quickly. When i picked her up, and inspected her, I sat her on my lap and patted her for about half hr. I think she is quite old (she was left on the property when we bought the place so not sure of her age) so I wanted to let her know all was ok now. She sat still and make those happy noises they make when content. When i decided to put her on the ground, she wouldn't move, just sat on the spot. So I patted her some more and moved her to the spot the other chooks were digging in my garden. She just sat again. I bought her inside in a box until my husband came home to check her. He saw nothing wrong and we thought she might be a little shaken still so we put her in the hen house with the others. The next morning she was away from the other chickens just standing by the fence. She started walking and walked ontop of my husbands foot. It then all made sence. She was blind. Both eyes. She won't eat but I managed to get her to have a little water. This morning she had made it outside again from her box inside the hen house, but she's just sitting there. I picked her up and her neck went in circles. It was awful. I sat her down in the shade and filled a syringe with water and forced her beak open. After a few goes and 5 minutes later, she started to peck at the ground (didn't get up) but I thought this was progress. I've had to go to work but my husband is heading home in his lunch break to check on her and give her more water. Does anyone know why her neck went all funny or weather she'll be blind for good or can it be from shock and only tempory?

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