Chicken got bit on the butt


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One of our chickens got bit in the butt quite hard by a dog that was chasing after it. Most of its butt feathers are okay but it's um.... Place where poo comes out is the problem it's bloody and it might be torn or something. I don't want it to get infected !! What can I put on it so it dosent get infected ?!?!!
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I would clean the area with warm soapy water. Pat dry the wound and surrounding skin, and then put some antibiotic ointment on it (nothing that contains any "caine" ingredients, as those are harmful to poultry on the wound. You could also spray it with Blukote, Vetericyn, or another wound spray. Most importantly, keep the bird isolated from any other chickens until the wound heals, as chickens can be ruthless to those who are wounded.

Watch out for any signs of infection (pus, extreme swelling/redness, a bad smell, black decaying skin, etc.). If you notice any, treatment with an antibiotic like Tylan50, Penicillin, or another strong antibiotic may be needed. But I wouldn't worry too much--chickens have a remarkable ability to heal from gruesome wounds.
Agree with the 1st reply; I get Chlorhexidrine (sp) soap and rinse from my vet, trim the area with scissors and tweezers, apply liberal quantities of AAA ointment from Walmart (I'm cheap; I'm going to Hell); and apply Fly Swat (repellent), all twice a day. If its ugly, I give an IM shot of penicillin for 3 days (I forget, I think 0.1 cc for a large adult).
MONSTER huge wounds will heal. I was both sickened and amazed the 1st time I dealt with this. My Current issue (and why I saw your post) is the spinal cord injury aspect - if affected, will bowel/vent function return?

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