Chicken guard dogs - is there such a thing?


10 Years
Jan 5, 2010
Skiatook, OK
We don't live on our acreage yet, and are building our first coop, now just got the floor done. We have an old dog now and plan to get a couple more once we get out there. Until we are out there, the chickens will be in a 16x30 covered run that will be mobile. Once we are out there and living, i want to let the free range as often as possible.

The catch 22 is there are at least 4 dogs of our different neighbors who take about 30 minutes to get to us once we get out on teh land. they are friendly dogs but who knows if they will go after the chickens.

so, is there such a breed of dog that COULD actually guard the chickens and chase other dogs/predators away from "his flock"?

We had a blue heeler before she was killed who we LOVEd and was so smart...but those are cattle dogs.....

Am i just outta luck?
There are several breeds of Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) that will guard chickens. I would suggest buying an already training dog. One that was raised around poultry. Any dog can be "trained" but the training may cost you several birds lives before it si trained. Buying an already trained dog is better.

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