Chicken has been limping/ Doesn’t walk around


Jun 12, 2019
Australia, Melbourne
My chicken, Madonna, has been limping for about a month. She used to be so adventurous until one day she just started limping and sitting all day long, only getting up to eat, drink and lay an egg. I’ve had the vet check her out and she’s given me an anti inflammatory medicine that I give to her everyday. Yet there’s been no progress or improvement. I pick her up everyday, give her fruit, medicine, and lots of love and I miss when she would dig up my garden (even though I spent a long time on it but anyways). I can rule out Mareks because she had a test done and is not showing any of the symptoms that my other two did (sadly, I put them down because I didn’t want to see them suffer). It isn’t Bumblefoot because I treated her for that and she’s still limping and sitting. The only thing I can think it is is arthritis but I’m probably very wrong. If anyone can suggest something about what it might be and how I could possibly help, it’d be much appreciated!

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Can you post some photos of her?
A video of her walking may be helpful as well (upload to youtube and provide a link)

Sometimes it's hard to nail down what's going on. It sounds like you are doing what you can. Did the vet have any other suggestions - maybe an xray to see if anything is dislocated?
How old is she - does she lays eggs normally or have any swelling or fluid in the abdomen?
If you have a history of Marek's in your flock, this could very well be the cause. Not all birds present the same.

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