Chicken has Fungal infection in Crop

Tracy in MO

5 Years
Jul 31, 2014
Saint Joseph, MO
Hello, I saw some helpful advice here posted several years ago. My chicken has an enlarged crop. She had an impacted crop which I think I almost cured, but I believe she still has a fungal infection.

Her crop is large and squishy. I puke her at least once a day.

I see from posts here that I can safely give my chicken Monistat, which I did. I cut the suppositories into 1/3. I fed one in the AM and one in the PM. I had withheld food for a day, started monistat and then only fed her crumble moistened. She did really well, but the problem came back.

I don't think the medicine was strong enough for long enough.

So now I have 2 fluconazole 150mg tablets. Could someone please give me advice on dosing her? Willow is a speckled Sussex, so she's a normal sized hen. I would love to save her and help her in any way. Thanks for any advice.

I only have a dog vet who doesn't know anything about chickens. I can't find a vet who will handle chickens. It's a real problem! I am not equipped to be my own vet.
I think that Casportpony has used fluconazole before in treating her birds. It is one of the best antifungal drugs available for treatment of fungal infections. I would send her a PM.
5 mg per pound (10 mg per Kg) given orally once a day is the dosage I have found in a veterinary handbook.
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