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  1. I have a 9mth orpington, she cant eat properly and has her beak wide open when food around but most falls out of her open beak or gets stolen by other birds, she drinks like her beak is a straw and doesn't tilt back her head, vet gave her baytril as she has red colouring on back of legs which are smoothe so no mites, we are baffled as she can eat but a lot falls out with excess saliva and cannot swallow a feather or greens, grazes on short grass is no problem but excess mucus in beak all the time. crop not inpacted and never feels full and otherwise she is well and active with clear eyes, recently wormed, not in lay though, moulting but well covered. she is having probiotic powder after the antibiotics and critical care powder to keep her energy up and has not lost weight, she roosts well, phew what a conundrum! I have spoken to so many chicken breeders and shown videos of her and we are none the wiser, HELP please. Just been to put vaseline on their combs as temperature dropping tonight and noticed her tongue seems to be in wrong position, could this be a clue?
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    Gosh Wish I could help. I think I would keep her on baytril and keep her seperate and maybe yogart and egg yolk? good luck!
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    Have you ever wormed her? I would do 1/2 cc of valbazen down her throat and then repeat it. There is lots of information on my link on my signature line on why you need to worm routinely, specially while they are showing signs of illness.
  4. thanks but I have wormed all girls with flubenvet this month, it was a precaution as she is not gaping just unable to swallow without a lot of attempts. regards, Helen
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    Hi, new on here due to having a sick chicken with the same symptoms as your girl had last year re: mucus, tongue sitting strange in her mouth and problems eating. Can you tell me if your lady recovered and what treatment you gave her please as we are desperate.

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