Chicken has terrible feathers... what could it be?

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9 Years
May 24, 2010
Nor Cal
I just picked up 5 new hens from a friend who is moving to Idaho. Two of them have horrible feathers, no feathers on their butt also. She said she has been treating them for the missing feathers. I was thinking it was due to being picked on, but im not sure. I guess it has been going on for 6 months. They are only about a year old. I have 13 hens and 2 ducks, and I will be putting the five chickens together with them in a couple of days (free range so there should be no picking). I am not sure what it is though. Should I put a box of diamatious earth (sp?) in a box for them to take a bath in? here are some pictures...

Sorry, I could only figure out how to get one photo, but I will try the rest later. Here is a picture of the feathers. And her butt has no feathers at all.

Any ideas??? Thanks!

Here is a picture of the whole flock... the three seem to be healthy and the other two have horrible feathers and none around their butts! sorry for the sideways pictures...
I wouldn't put them in with the others until you figure out what is wrong with them. It could be lice or mites. I would surely dust them with poultry dust or Sevin. Be sure to get under the wings.

You should really keep them quarantined until you figure it out, though. If they are pecking, maybe you can catch them at it or get some pinless peepers. That is supposed to stop pecking.

Their combs look bright and red, for whatever that says about them.

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