Chicken hasn't been able to use one leg for a few weeks now.. Isn't getting better.


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Oct 21, 2015
I have a chicken who has been unable to use her left leg for about two weeks now, I've been monitoring her closely but she isn't improving. I decided to leave her in the coop as she only lives with one other hen and she seemed to be resting her leg just fine being outside. I've looked over the leg and can't seem to find any obvious injuries. She is eating and drinking normally, laying eggs and doesn't seem to be sick. She moves about as best as she can, she can still get in and out of the coop and into the run but she does seem to have some trouble. I'm just not sure what I can do for her or what may be wrong. She can still be a fairly normal chicken but I'm just not sure if it's cruel to keep her with just one functioning leg.. if she is in pain or something. Anything I can do? Any suggestions?
we have one like this but hers started with an air sac infection about 4 weeks ago. Found her on the floor grunting - no advance warning - when it was getting time to roost.
She's had antibiotics and a steroid injection and the infection has cleared but she still is having bother with her left leg. Vet said it may be an inner ear problem then nerve damage to her leg when that didn't clear as there is no obvious injury. She should have been "euthanised" last week but she's eating and drinking as normal, her tail's up and very perky and we couldn't bring ourselves to do it.
Don't know what to do except give it more time. We had thought it might be Marek's but really am unsure now as she is so much better in herself.
We have kept her away from the others just in case. Am trying hypericum and colloidal silver out of desperation.

Hope your little one heals with time. It's so frustrating

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