Chicken hearding w/Doberman

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13 Years
May 29, 2010
Well, I spent 2-2.5 hours out with my flock tonight. There was a hawk and the Roos sounded the alarm, I got up, hens joined the alarm, I walked around watching the hawk and it flew off. Then we all settled back down...have any of you ever actually watched your birds dust bathe..? It's so strange watching them flop over in the deep hole, then kick out and up the dirt, using their wings to get a ton of dirt all over them. What a mess! I also closed the human door and bent back the run's fence so they could easily get around and no longer freak out while I tried to catch them to bring them around to the correct side.
Anyway, eventually I wandered away to mess with a half dead tree. After failing to break a branch down, while the wind did it with no issues[yea, I fight with trees...I also climb them], I went to lock up the birdies. They were all over the place[it's not their normal bedtime yet, 6pm is, but I didn't want to go back out...] so as I ran around like a crazy lady with a white stick...I noticed my Dobie just watching his loony mom. I put him to work and tried several times to get him to go around and then come close in to push the birds my way. Eventually he figured out I wanted him to go all the way around. Then I told him to come and after some time pointing and saying it lightly, he came straight to me. If I yell it wrong he just runs back around, lol. So, maybe he will learn to help me round them up more often. It'll be fun and good for us to spend more time together. And maybe he will know it well enough to help when we get Sheep!
My Rottie helps with the chicken herding. My husband doesn't like them coming up to the front yard or the side yard. They can be in the back and the pasture all they want. So when they go where they aren't supposed to we just say "Get the girls Day" and she will stand and look around until she figures out where they are then she will run behind them and push them to their area. She has never hurt a bird and they like her too. They like to check her out when she is outside laying in the grass.
Aww, my boy is never just laying around where the flock is, he likes to lay with his little sister[the chicken killer] in the front yard and watch the cows on the mountain across the road. The chickens never come to the front yard, since Chillie[the killer] barks like a mad lady at them.
They keep their distance from him[Kohaku] and he doesn't go after them too badly. Rarely one chicken will be by itself and panic and run, that's when he will trot after it. Can't say he has ever purposely harmed a chicken, he is far too interested in all the tweety birds he can never I climbed a big Walnut tree and he wanted to come up too, but he is no pitbull, he's too tall and just not built for it..But if he could, he would totally be a true He eats EVERYTHING! So from horse-dog[since he is so tall] to goat-dog, hehe.

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