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    Jul 6, 2016
    Hello, I need help. We have a bigger flock of about 7 chickens and a small flock of about 4. We have had the older ones(bigger flock) In the coop. The coop has an outside screening playpen. We have tried many times to integrate the smaller ones with the bigger ones, but it never works. We first tried by keeping the big ones in the run, and having the smaller ones outside the playpen. (The playpen method) we tried that for about 5 weeks. Then we tried letting them all out in our yard together. The bigger ones chased the little ones and pecked them. So we got a sour apple spray to spray on the little ones so they wouldn't get pecked, that did not work either. We tried the playpen method for about another 3 weeks and then put them in the same cage together and the bigger ones were drawing blood on the little ones so else separated them. We need help, our poor little ones are not fitting in, what should we do?

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