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*Sewn by a professional sewer on an industrial sewing machine*

Extra Small & Small - $2.00
Medium & Up - $3.50

Chicken saddles are made to protect your hen's back from a roosters nails and talons. When a rooster overmates a hen this can lead to serious and sometimes life threatening damage. We make these saddles to allow feather growth without having to separate her from the flock. These can also be used during a molt in case there is excessive pecking. They are also washable and easy to put on!

Shipping is free - and we send out packages every Monday, Wednesday & Friday - and even most days in between!

*Any order for 2 or more saddles come with a tracking number*

These are made with a tough backing and a cotton layer. The backing we've recently changed to is just as heavy/thick as a denim material so the rooster's talons can't break through it. They're tough enough to take a rooster yet comfortable for your hen. These are also made with the intention of not being too heavy to avoid overheating. The elastic is permanently fused between the layers of fabric to eliminate the chance of your hen ripping her saddle off or your rooster unsnapping them when he jumps on her back. This way I know your hen is safe. These are also just as easy to put on as one with snaps. There are many great ways to make saddles, these are what works and are proven for me

My girls love their saddles and I have a few that wear them permanently. The girls pictured above are my own cuties

Saddle sizes are:

Extra Small - 4 Long x 5 Wide
Small - 5 Long x 6 Wide
Medium Narrow - 6 Long x 7 Wide
Medium Wide - 6 Long x 8 Wide
Large Short - 7 Long x 7 Wide
Large - 8 Long x 7 Wide
XL - 9 Long x 7 Wide

I have so many that I can't show them all here but I can give links to my website which has them all, and the sizes I have for them. If you only feel comfortable ordering them here, that's perfectly okay! Feel free to leave a message here or PM me.

Links: (These have the prices for that particular saddle too)


are able to do custom orders at no extra charge. We can also make chest protectors for your hen or rooster - a protector for the belly if your chicken is rubbing a spot bald - and even saddles that come down beside the tail if the rooster is tearing those feathers off as well.

Here are a few examples: (We also have a few different camo prints)





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I love the one with the scrolling hearts and the sweet pea, etc. words. I'd like to order two please. One to fit a standard hen and one to fit a bantam hen like a silkie.

Can I get those two patterns... I don't care which size gets which pattern.

Thanks, Erin

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