Chicken herding corgi and "Lance" the OEGB is a bad a$$!

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    Apr 28, 2010
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    When I can't get my birds up to their pen in the evening I use my welsh corgi to help me herd the chicken (usually a lone one) back to the roost. Today, it was my crele OEGB roo, Lance, that needed a little chasing. He is tame but just was NOT going to have it this evening. He thought it was his way or no way. My roosters are usually just sweet and calm, they don't fight and they have never attacked me or any of my animals. I tried luring him with bread but he knew what I was up to and wouldn't come close so I called my dog, Kirby, to help me chase him back to the pen. I went one way, she went the other and after Lance she went. Well, to my surprise, Lance flared out his hackles and attacked the dog and chased her!!!! LMAO!!!! It was sooo funny. She wasn't really afraid of him but just ran circles around him taunting him while he kept running at her!!!! What nerve that little roo has!!!! I have video and will try to upload it if I can.
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    I bet that was something to see.

    Careful with the two of them now, would hate for the roo to spur your corgi in the eyes or for the corgi to snap at the roo in defense and accidentally kill the roo.
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    I have a half-corgi half-pug dog named Thackery, who has only actually herded the flock once or twice. Mostly he just tries to eat their chicken feed and scratch. lol.
    Here's a pic of him and the flock eating scratch:
    And sitting on the porch with Alice!:

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