Chicken hug (goodbye)

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    Jun 28, 2011
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    I sold my lovely roo, Angel. We just have too many boys and not enough girls to play with. So when I found a good home for my lovely boy I said O.K. I bought him last year to get a chick fix, too long without babies, I got broody and bought two chicks from a neighbor. When he got his wing feathers they were all white, so he became Angel.
    At night when I put the house chickens in bed I'd pick him up and hold him close and he'd sort-of wrap his head over my shoulder, snug against my neck, the "Angel hug" I called it. But then he moved outside and no more bedtime cuddles. Until this evening, when the time came for him to go. I held him one last time and he hugged me! A nice big one too. Oh, I'm going to miss him!
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    Oh, this is sad. I hope you can visit him so he knows you still care. If you can at the very start see him in his new environment I promise it will help him adjust. A strange new setting but with a trusted face - it will help him. And periodically therefater, at least for a little while....

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