Chicken Illness Identification App

Should Someone Create A Chicken Illness Identification App?

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Lacy Duckwing

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Nov 6, 2017
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I believe this should exist: A Chicken Illness Identification App. Or website or something. It's simple. I've had lots of chickens with different problems and a lot of those chickens died with those problems with no answers. I think something should be created that's like one of those personality or character tests that tell you what personality you have or what character are you the most like. Only chicken. You have a list of questions that it would ask that is the bird doing this or acting like that; and a spot that says none of the above and a place were you can explain. Then after a series or several series of questions, they have an answer or a list of things that have similar symptoms or what it could be. It should also have sections, too, so that it doesn't take you all day to answer all the questions. Such as, a section that would be internal, a section on external, a section on parasites, and so forth. If this was ever to become a thing, it would have to know every chicken illness and problem. It would have to know anything from a little egg bound, to the chicken flu. It also should have a place where it asks something like "Didn't find what you was looking for?" or something like that and a place were you can fill in feedback of new chicken problems to keep the site updated. Then at the end, if the illness or problem is curable, it could tell you how to cure it, or at least tell you what it could be so you can come over here on BYC and ask. :)

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