Chicken Incessantly Squawking

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by McPhersonChicks, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. McPhersonChicks

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    Aug 20, 2014
    We live in the city and we have six hens. Just one of them feels the need to squawk incessantly all day long. They are 7 months old and have been laying for a few months: she laid for a little while, then went broody which quieted her down, now she is laying again and squawking again. She will have to be rehomed or culled if this doesn't stop. Please any advice?
  2. AmericanMom

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    Aug 10, 2013
    Some breeds are louder and more vocal then others.. My Jersey Giants make more noise than any chicken I have ever had. I live semi rural and we have roosters. One of our neighbors made an offhand comment once about the rooster waking her up at 4am but since we increased the flock and added the giants she gripes about the noise in the coop from 7am- about noon...
  3. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
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    Alot of hens will squawk alot...loudly, for hours....I have several like that.
    Makes me kind of chuckle at the 'no rooster' rules in some places..because these hens make more noise overall than my rooster does.

    Sorry, I know it's frustrating and really annoying, but there's really not much you can do about it other than get rid of the noisy ones if they don't fit into your management situation.
  4. Sustained

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    Sep 17, 2014
    The first 4 or 5 months that my hens were laying most of them(I have 6), but one in particular, squawked constantly. And it was LOUD. They've all quieted down the last month or two and I usually only hear the egg song or the occasional squabble over a treat. I'm not sure if it's because the weather started cooling down, or they got into their laying 'groove', or what but I did want to say that I've been there and in my situation it got better with a little time. I don't know if you have time you can wait it out to see if she calms down but if you do I wanted you to know that it's possible that it will pass. good luck! I hope you find a solution

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