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Hello All!!

We had acquired a chicken from a poultry farm. As you all probably know these chickens are raised to keep eating so they gain weight before "collection day". A couple weeks ago we merged her with the existing flock. Everyone gets along. The chickens all free range all day except her she doesn't leave the feeder for long she'll even lay down next to it. She is a big bird and I don't mean lengthwise.

So my question is: would it be ok to take away the feeder while the flock is free ranging during the day? My hopes in doing this would be to entice her out of the coop not to mention get away from the feeder. Or should I just move it out of her reach so the rest can still get to it? Do they all need the layer feed if they free range all day (of course I'll have it accessible when their not free ranging)?

Suggestions are appreciated!
Thanks so much.
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My chicken is doing the same thing! She ate over 2 lbs of feed in 1 day! She will literally lay down next to the feeder and just eat all day long! She just lost her flock mate and I think mine is mourning the loss of her friend by the excessive eating. I'm going to measure out daily "rations" until she calms it down. I'm so afraid she's going to eat herself to death.
If your other chickens are smaller (and less heavy) than she is you could put the feeder on a platform so she cannot get to the food. You will still need feed her some though (once in the morning and once in the evening will be enough).
Sounds like a pet to me. And I do not think the OP wants to hear a speech about "they were meant to be eaten" etc.

Well they ARE meant to be eaten. Their propensity to gain quickly and eat large amounts of feeds affects how you need to feed them that is they reason for asking what the purpose of the chicken's ownership. If the OP is just going to feed it for a while then butcher the recommendation will be different than if she wants to keep it as a pet.

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