Chicken Jealousy!


Jul 13, 2020
SW Indiana
So I'm sitting in my lawn chair yesterday, enjoying my fluffy butts and their zoomies, having just let them out to free range a bit. Sissy, one of my girls comes over, hops on my lap and does her usual begging for treats...which succeeds. After, I demand she pay the toll...I pick her up and cuddle her against my chest. At first she just tolerates it, but within minutes, she is actually enjoying it. She nestles down, fluffs up and starts the churring session.

All of a sudden The Hulk, my alpha jumps up on my leg. I'm thinking he wants his usual extortion...half the bowl of BFL, but he's acting different. He starts pecking my arm...grabbing my jacket sleeve...when that elicits no response, he starts pecking Sissy in the face. I tap him on the beak, telling him "no"...and he looks crestfallen. Normally he would just jump off and go about his usual dominating everyone. But he sat down and puffed up. The little raptor actually wanted a cuddle! I'd give him the occasional pat, and he just loved it. I couldn't believe it. He's normally friendly, but his affection is usually all stomach based. His jealousy got the best of him.

So while both of my "good" roosters seem to have graduated from cute, cuddle monkeys to standoffish brutes, they do still have a little affection left in them. I am going to do my best to keep both of them somehow, and rehome the stinker.

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