Chicken just laid soft-shell egg with hole at roosting time and has an empty crop


Mar 18, 2020
HI all,

I'm feeling very nervous. I was gone most of the day so I didn't observe any peculiar behavior with my hen. She is the skinniest of the flock, though has always seemed perfectly healthy. Tonight when she was on her perch she looked in distress. Then I realized she was going to lay an egg right there, so I put my hand under her vent to catch it. First several drops of clear liquid came out. Eventually she pushed out the egg and it was a soft shell with a hole. I'm presuming the liquid was from the egg. Afterwards she settled down but she seems to be breathing hard and is not making any sounds. That may be typical of her once she's on the roost. I felt her crop and it feels empty. Any thoughts/suggestions?

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