chicken keeps falling over

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    Jul 24, 2013
    my hen who has been ill for a few months, she keeps falling over, it seems to be getting worse and now she is falling over on her head and i keep finding her on her back, other symptoms are that her upper part of her beak grows much longer than it should so i constantly need to file it down, she is very docile, possibly to much and is very thin compared to the others even though she is being fed very well.
    she is quite a large hen for her breed,
    she is a millie fluer booted bantam
    very nervous with the other birds but could be because she has been bulled.
    she has been with the other birds for a long time and they don't show any of her symptoms
    she is the only one not laying and her feather quality is quite bad but that has only been recently...
    if any one has had this problem or could surest any explanation i would greatly appreciate it.
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    Welcome to BYC. Mareks disease comes to mind as a possible reason for her falling and weight loss. Did she have a vaccine? I would get her on some chicken vitamins in the waater, some probiotics for her bowel health, and give her some scrambled eggs, a little ground meat, or dry cat food for extra protein.

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