chicken keeps on falling over then is unable to get up


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Oct 10, 2012
My chicken has lately been just randomly falling over onto her side. Then she just sits there peacefully and when i go over to her she kind of just moves her legs in a attempt to get up but then she just gives up. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! please
I am way new here, or feel like it sometimes (like now), but my first thought was are you seeing any other signs or symptoms? Can you boost her with some electrolytes? Is she eating and drinking...
The more information you provide regarding her condition the more likely you will be able to find the appropriate assistance...
Will look forward to any updates and hope she will be all right.
She is eating normal and drinking normal. When she walks it is kind of like a waddle. Her comb is falling to the side. Lastly her tail feathers near her bottom have got poo all over them. I haven't tried any electrolytes as I was trying to find out what is wrong with her
maybe but she is a fully grown hen a i dont know ill try to send a pic tommorow
Have you noticed any bloody stool? You could worm her but with the poopy butt I'm thinking diarrhea can cause electrolyte imbalance witch can cause loss of balance as well other problems. eletrolytes will help with dehydration yogurt is a probiotic and can soothe the intestinal track. From what I have seen on here I think most people would worm her.The one time I has a problem with Coccidiosi was when I brought new chicks home and the first symptom I noticed was bloody stool. I lost that chick but was able to treat the rest of the flock in time. good luck! I hope things go well.
Electrolytes shouldn't hurt while you are searching for answers...if she is physically depleted from illness then this should help give her a needed boost to help 'fight' whatever is going on.
ok Thanks. Sorry i dont know what bloody stool is it that just bloody poo? Yes i will try electrolites what would be the best for her?

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