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Jul 31, 2021
Hello! This is actually my first post here 😅 I've read so much helpful information from you guys since way before I got my flock so I was hoping maybe someone could help me figure this bird out. She was gone for 3 days and it stormed really bad that first day so I thought she must be dead because they always go in their coop when it storms or gets dark. Every night I do a head count before I lock the coop up and she was nowhere to be seen. She has always liked to jump the fence into the neighbor's yard but she always came home before. So today she finally came home and I was so happy BUT SHE IS GONE AGAIN 😭 My neighbor looked all over her yard for her and didn't see her. I don't understand why she wants to leave all the time? I keep food and fresh water in their coop at all times and they have the whole backyard to themselves- it is fenced in but the neighbor's side is only about 4". I didn't think that would be a problem because they have so much land full of grass and plants and bugs... The rest of the flock stays put and she is the only one who does this. I clipped her wings but she is still capable of jumping the fence so I am planning on putting up a higher fence on the neighbor's side but I would like to try to understand why she is doing this. Any thoughts are much appreciated!
How long does she usually stay at your place? If it’s only a couple hours it’s very possible that she has a nest. I would reccomend that you keep her locked up at your place for a day or 2 as she would believe her eggs are dead. That’s how I cure my broody chickens.
How is she acting when she is back?
She could very well be setting on a nest.
She is a midnight majesty born march 3rd- I have 2 other mm's and haven't seen any of them start to lay yet. I have 2 other hens that are rhode island reds that were born a few days after them and they just recently started laying. She seems fine when she is here but just doesn't stay with the flock at all. I've never seen her bullied or anything like that. None of them are skiddish either cuz I always give them treats and pet them ever since they were babies. If she is going off to lay her eggs somewhere else I wonder why she wouldn't feel safer doing it here? Unless she just doesn't want me to take them 😖
try cutting ONE of the wings. it makes flying very awkward for them and might keep her in the fence but unfortunately, besides caging, when you get one that likes to play escape artist, it's hard to keep them in. You will have to find where she is hiding at though and what's over there. sounds like possibly an egg thing going on.

Does she come when you give treats? Might want to treat train them, that way when she does go 404, you can possibly bribe her to hear / see movement to get a better idea where she's hiding at.

Having a large run you can confine them in is very helpful for situations like this. A run is also needed when predators pay a visit. You would have a safe place for them to be until the predators give up. Also helpful during bad weather.

To help retrain her to stay home only allowing freedom for an hour or two before dark will keep her closer to the coop and less likely to pop over for a visit at the neighbors.

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