chicken killing party?

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It's my first time with meaties, but probably not my last. My only regret is not booking in at the processor earlier. My 20 birds (cornish X) are 7 weeks and huge...I couldn't get them a date at the gov't inspected processor until Nov. 12. They might not live that long, I understand, and I don't want to feed them this long.....SO.....
This is what I am now considering....what do you think?
I work for a large fine dinig restaurant group as a waiter/wine specialist...there are alot of 'papered chefs' and cooks that have expressed an interest in my birds, and have been buying my eggs for their own consumption for a long time.
I am considering holding a "Where does food come from? Workshop" next weekend where there will be a processing demonstration done by an experienced neighbour and then, in the name of gaining first hand experience, the 'students' will get a chance to do their own.
I figure more hands make quick work - and there is a lot of intrest/bravado/perfectionism between these guys. Who better for the job? I've never processed, and am eager to learn too!
It may cost me a case of beer, but the experience will be priceless. The birds are for personal consumption - not sale - so I'm not worried about having them inspected.
Anyone else try something like this?
I have not done it, but think it is worth a try. I'd certainly hold off on the beer until afterwards, partly because there are sharp inplements involved but also because it is greasy and messy. It would not be very sanitary to handle a beer while trying to pluck or gut a chicken. And make sure your neighbor is good with this. He/she may not want to deal with a bunch or rookies but will show you how as a favor.

You might try to do one ahead of time by yourself just so you know better what to expect. I'm thinking more on the equipment and facilities needed, plus a feeling for how messy it can be. You will need a fair amount of space too.

Everything up to cutting the birds up needs to be done outside or in a place you can literally hose down with soap, water, and disinfectant afterwards. Expect a lot of blood when you kill them. I put three 2 x 6's on sawhorses to get everything up out of the grass and dirt and run a hose to a faucet for water. You'll need to plan how you will handle the feathers, guts, and body parts that become garbage.

If you pluck them, you'll need a good supply of really hot water, about 160 degrees. Dunking a chicken in there really cools it off too so you need a way to reheat it. You could skin them if you wish instead of plucking and, with that group, wind up with deboned meat.

I think it could work well but you really do need to plan and organize it. You cannot just say show up and hope things work out without taking a real risk it will not work out well.

Good luck with it.
If you can get a bunch of people to fall.. er.. go for this, then you should get into sales! I hope it works out for you. I disagree with Ridgerunner though- drink the beer while you're butchering.
i'm with jaku! hee hee

but seriously - a lot of people - even chefs might freak out... or at least look at you like you've got lobsters growing out of your ears for suggesting it. dont be surprised if most folks take a big step backward.. but if you can get some volunteers go for it!

i was VERY glad that we had someone mentor us before we did it solo. for us its always been a great experience and we love the good eatin afterwards. and the tequila drinkin

We raised 100 meaties the first two years 150 last year and 200 this year. We have a chicken killing party every year. We have people on the waiting list. I have everything set up before they arrive in the morniing. The water is hot, the tables & tubs are up. We have between 7-10 people helping. Some take 10 home some take 30 home we split the cost of the birds, food & bedding. I know it is cheap but the help is worth it and I only want to get the money I have into them back. They are there processing their own birds, bagging them ect. It works for me and it is really a fun day with a little teasing involved.
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We go to processing parties several times throughout the year. The parties recently became a lot more pleasant with the introduction of the automated plucker. (Best invention ever!) It's an educational and interesting way to spend a Saturday morning. We've met a lot of characters at these parties. I learned to butcher from the guy who sells me my homeowners' insurance. I really recommend doing the party. It's the best way to deal with a less than pleasant task. It's almost... fun.
We've had them the last couple years. Everybody has a job. Some people slaughter. Some people pluck. Some people gut. It's pretty cool. Of course we switch about every five birds just so everybody gets to try each "station" out.
I learn something every time I butcher chickens, something to make the next session go easier/faster/better. So I'd advise first doing a few alone with your experienced neighbor, so you can work out some of the kinks in your own processing procedures before bringing out the beers & the buddies. Have fun, wish I could be there!
What a great idea, it makes me wonder how far away Roseville is, compared to Ottawa/Brockville (I'm smack dab between) I'm guessing far, since I never heard of it... If your close,. I wouldn't mind joing in... plus my neighbour just told us about a guy who mills his own feed $6.00 a bag.. and apperrently twice as big as the ones from TSC.. was told to mix 50/50...

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