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Sep 21, 2020
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I saw that.
That is my beautiful Bella in my Avvy. I adopted her just before the new year. She just turned 5 in August. This is her enjoying our new car!
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Sorry to read that your boy has DCM. I've lost 3 to it. Two had sudden death. One wasn't even diagnosed but I had enough experience with it to know what had happened to her.

All three of these dogs had it. Abby, the fawn, Dylan, the black and Bridget, the red.
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I assume Alpha has been put on Pimobendan, benazepril, and furosemide. The Pimo is expensive. Contact Carefirst Specialty Pharmacy in NJ. They compound the Pimo there for a MUCH better price than Vetmedin is sold for. It will save you lots of money.

How exactly did your vet diagnose him specifically with diet related DCM? 40% of all Dobermans will get DCM and it will likely be what kills them. It has a strong link to genetics. I would have my doubts that diet caused his DCM. Does he by chance also have hypothyroidism?
He's on 4 medications including the ones you mentioned. The pimobentin we get from Wedgewood pharmacy online, it's about $100 for 100 mini pills including shipping, so def much cheaper than the vetmedin at the vet's office. We noticed him coughing one day, and I was affraid he got water in his lungs from swimming the day before so we did a bunch of research once we set his vet appointment and realized that it could be DCM as the fda had just released their study on the corelation of grain free diet and DCM. So vet did the x-ray saw that it was DCM, gave us some meds and wished us luck. We took him to a cardiologist and got all the tests there, they added and adjusted meds. We followed up and they checked liver, kidney and whatever other organs to be sure those were handling the meds and all that was fine so we've been on that regiment since last July. I took Alpha to our regular vet for his yearly in March and I asked her to x-ray his heart just to see if it was worse or the same and it actually had shrunk! Not completely of course but it had gone down in size. Which is what indicated that the diet was at least a leading factor. Had it been just genetic, no amount of medicine would have "repaired" the damage (which isn't really accurate but I can't think of how to phrase it). He still has DCM and it will eventually take him out but we caught it quick so hopefully that works in our favor. In my opinion it was the genetics that set him up to get it, but the grain free diet caused it to happen so early (he wasn't yet 3 when he was diagnosed). Our vets have submitted his case to the FDA to include in their study, and I also had them send it to Taste of the Wild, who strongly disagrees that food has anything to do with it, but it is what it is. We are now purina pro plan plus fans and he's certainly doing better than we had thought when it all started.


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Hello!! Introductory post here:
My name is Karen and my family got our first chickens March 13th of this year! While covid certainly expedited our chicken journey, it had been the plan to get them anyway since we purchased our first home in October 2019.

We started with 18 pullets, which ended up being 15 ladies and 3 gentlemen. We lost our first chicken to a hawk a few days ago. And since begining, have added 4 guinea keets (lost one) and 4 Isa Browns, all of which are around 4 weeks old. And most recently, I decided to incubate some eggs from a local hatchery and have successfully hatched 7 of the 10 viable eggs. I asked for just any random variety and that's what it seems like we have. I know 3 are Americauna and 2 are marans and (fingers crossed) 1 is looking like an Ayem Cemani. Waiting on 3 more to hatch, as it's only day 22 I still have hopes they will hatch. Debating on whether to do a float test. We shall see

Other than the chickens, we have a Doberman, 2 American bullies, a green cheek conure, a hedgehog and a big fat lazy cat.

Super excited to have found this forum since I'm a chicken newbie but obsessed already 😁
:frowWelcome to BYC!
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