Mar 31, 2018
I have a older RSL (~4-5 years) who has had a limp for 2 months. She applies light amounts of weight to it and everything seems to be in proper alignment. After a month of isolation, with no signs of recovery, she was reintroduced to the flock. It hasn't been a concern until a week ago when other flock members spotted the weakness and started to pick on her. She is currently back in isolation. I have ruled out bumble foot, mareks, worms, leg mites and nothing feels broken or dislocated. I have read every thread, every forum and nothing fits any description I have run across. She doesn't appear to be in any pain, and has been on and off tetracycline. She laid the occasional egg before the injury and I don't know if egg binding could still be a possibility at this point? She's maintained a healthy weight and is full of energy. She has not been wormed in the past year but I have inspected her droppings repeatedly and I can't spot anything. I really do not want to cull her as she seems to be in no pain but at this point she may be living the rest of her life in isolation, which is barely a life at all. Please reply,
Welcome to BYC. Her ranking in the pecking order may have been lowered when she was out of the flock for a month. She also may be displaying signs of more weakness that the others are noticing. I have seen chickens who were failing and dying, suddenly being pecked and hurt by their flock members. I would place her in a wire dog crate with food and water, so she can still be with them, but not hurt.

One of my hens hurt her leg or hip, and she limped for almost 2 years. She would always follow the flock up and down our hill to hang out, and towards the end, she lost a ton of her usual weight, but still hung out, and didn’t appear to be suffering. I feel like she had a spiral fracture or hip injury that never healed, but without xrayswe never know. On her last day, the flock turned on her, so I put her down, probably not early enough.

Sounds almost exactly like my leg horn. She was picked on or something? In her old flock. A neighbor 4h teen had her and when he went to sell, the buyer saw the injured hen and said no way. He gave her to me. After a month in isolation I let her in with mine. They where good for a week, after that they spotted the issue. Back in isolation for a week and now I’ve let her back with the others again. The last 2 days I found her OUTSIDE the run! Not sure how but they forced her out! No eggs for about 2 weeks from her but I’ve half given up. I’m letting her be with the others and if I find her in pain or dead I’m not to worried. I can put her down but I have hope!

Watching as others respond.

Also thinking I might mix her with my 4, 5 week old Wyandotte’s. I do have another coop ready...
She is one of three older hens in the flock. The three get together very well and often keep to themselves so I separated her along with the other two, they have a smaller coop to themselves. They are happy to be free ranging while the rest of the flock is in their enclosure. -It's a lot better than her being in total isolation.

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