Chicken limping... what can I do for her?

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    Jun 6, 2010
    Hi all,

    I have a 22 week old cuckoo marans pullet that I have noticed having leg problems. Yesterday I noticed it, but today it's worse. She has a very strong limp in one leg (I think her right one, can't tell) but no injuries are visible. She can't stand up straight either. I'm assuming this is just a twisted ankle or something? I currently just have her outside with the other 2... what can I do for her to speed up healing? How do I know if this is more serious than a twisted ankle??
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    First I would check to be sure it's not bumblefoot. Have someone hold her and check the bottom of her foot for a dark (brown or black) roundish scabby looking thing. Since she's limping, if it's bumblefoot, there'd most likely be swelling there too. If there's nothing like that there, then I'd think she landed on it wrong when jumping down from the roost or possible got it caught somewhere and strained it. I would just keep her contained in a dog crate for a few days if that's the case, so she's forced to limit movement...

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