Chicken Limping?

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    My 19 wk old buff orp pullet Toffee Nut is limping. I thought she was favoring her right leg a little yesterday so I checked her all over, she seemed fine. No sign of bumble foot that I could tell, both feet look the same to me. Today she was noticeably limping. [​IMG] I don't know what could be wrong, any ideas?

    I guess I know why they always say it's your favorites that get hurt, why couldn't it be that stupid pecky Delaware... [​IMG]
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    might have just had a bad step. happens though,like if you stub a toe,chickens do that too,or jump off something and rack your knee,or twist your ankle or even sprang it. we have a leghorn hen who had a bad step.she was limping for some time so we isolated her.she is fine now...limp all gone.then the roo had one,but hes fine now. now our tom has either had a sprang in his knee-like joint,or it was dislocated because its pushed in towards his other leg somewhat,but hes resting when he can.
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    May 11, 2011
    My Rhode Island Red roo has had a limp for along time, my husband and I have checked and rechecked, saw nothing out of the norm with the growth of both feet. We both think that at one time or another that while he was being chased by other roos, that he may have dislocated it and it healed but with a limp. He is doing great, just limping where ever his goes.
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    does your chick get vits and minerals? i had a chick that started limping and within 2 days she was off her legs :-( i dont want to worry you, but lack of proper nutrition can and will knock them off their feet. keep us updated.x
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    Well she's 19 weeks old, she's slightly smaller than my other Buff Orp, but she always has been. They get good feed, there is access to two feeders, lots of tables scraps and greens, and yard access once or twice a day for foraging and pecking. She's otherwise healthy and it's clearly just the one foot. I don't think it's a nutrition deficiency, wouldn't she show other signs in addition to the foot if it were? She's not bottom of the pecking order either. I know she eats, I've seen her. I guess all I can do is hope she just 'stubbed her toe' or something similar and it gets better. She was still holding it up today like she doesn't want to walk on it. She had trouble getting on the roost last night and off this morning. [​IMG] poor baby.
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