Chicken lost voice?

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5 Years
Sep 15, 2014
Monroe, WA
I'm a new chicken owner (2 months) though the chickens are about a year old. One of my buff orpington's has been behaving strangely the last couple of days and am not sure if she may be sick? Yesterday she was making funny noises I've never heard before and my bf says he saw her drooling. Today when I got home from work she was behind the coop laying down and not moving and opening her mouth and nothing but air coming out. Here's a video of that:

It's almost their bed time so I went back out again to check on her and she was up walking around and drinking some water which is good but still not making a sound except for what looks/sounds like it might be a sneeze? I don't know what chicken sneezes sound like but if I had to guess it sounds like this. Does she have a cold or could it be something more serious? Not sure if I should separate her from the other 5 chickens or not.

-Paula, a concerned chicken owner

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