Chicken maladies....


11 Years
Jan 5, 2009
SE Connecticut
This little hen has so many troubles, I don't know what to do. Her leg seemed floppy so I wrapped it in vet wrap just to give some support. Now that leg has lost some range of motion, her 'ankle'and hock won't straighten. Toes on her other foot are now curling. She's had trouble standing since I got her. (She was given to me to try to fix.) She seems to have cataracts developing so has lost much of her sight. I tried putting her in a sling to help her to stand up but it isn't tall enough and doesn't support her fanny. She eats and drinks with help and talks to me from her box so I haven't given up on her. I may be at the point where I need a vet. What do you think?
I would respectfully suggest you look up symptoms of Mareks disease....this may be the problem...I sincerely hope it is not the issue but you should read about the possibility that it may be this.
Since Mareks is a possibility, I would be very careful and use good biosecurity measures since it can spread to your chickens. The virus can remain in your environment in dust and dander, as well as droppings for up to 7 years. She should be on poultry vitamins just in case of riboflavin or other vitamin deficiency, but unfortunately Mareks is a good possibility. Laundry baskets are a good height for slings.
Here are some links to read:'s_Disease
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