Chicken Math and a question.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by beausonge, Sep 15, 2012.

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    Feb 11, 2011
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    Sooooooo.... I too ended up at Wilco today but that darn chicken math got the best of me... and soooooo many choices! What was i to do?

    I got two black australorps, two buckeyes, two speckle sussex, a dominique, a buff orpington, a rhode island red , and a golden wyandotte pullets.

    They were just too too cute and I LOVE having so many breeds. My present flock has a New Hampshire Red hen, a White New Jersey Giant hen, a Cuckoo Maran hen, two Easter Egger pullets, a Wellsummer pullet, a Black Jersey Giant pullet, a Partridge Cochin rooster, and a Salmon Favorelle cockerel. That makes 15 different breeds!

    Now for my question: I have a Wellsummer pullet who has been laying for about a month. This week she has been taking up one of the nests and stays there day and night. We have to pick her up and take her to the waterer and I have been giving her feed in her nest. She was just "sitting" on one plastic egg. Today she went screaming and flying out of the coop - she carried on for about 15 minutes. I checked the nest and she had one of her usual very dark small eggs. She went back to "her" nest and has been there every since.

    Do you think she would take these new chicks under her wing? If so, is there a way to introduce them? Could she hurt the chicks?

    Thanks for any help!
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    Oh, I love chicken math [​IMG] You got some great breeds there! It sure sounds like your hen is broody, but I honestly can't say if she'll adopt babies now already. You can try by slipping them under very very early in the morning, so she finds them when she wakes up, but hang around in case she rejects them, so you can rescue them. Good luck!

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