Chicken Math

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    Well, we've all learned it. Chicken math. So, you get a few chickens, then you hit the feed store for some food, and oh look, they have chicks for sale. "Aww how cute! Well take 5." Take them home. You want more . You want to hatch your own. Well, you'll need a rooster to fertilize those eggs. You go buy a rooster. You don't have a broody. You go buy an incubator. You put some eggs in. Only two hatch. You want to try again to get a better hatch rate. More chicks hatch. They add up. You want some ducks to splash in your pond or pool. You get some duckies. You want more. Oh my. They are so adorable as babies. You get some fertile eggs. Put 'em in the bator. They hatch. They imprint. You are now the mother of some little ducklings. They grow up. You want more. You hatch more. You want geese. It starts all over again. You see that lady with a big yard. Lots of birds. Lots of poultry. Many breeds. You stop at her house. She has guinea fowl. She has pheasants. She has turkeys. She has geese. You want what she has. She has it all. You buy some quail eggs. You hatch them. You end up trading them for that beautiful frizzle . You put some pheasants in the bator. Well, might as well put some geese eggs in there while its running. Your flock adds up. It gets much bigger. You still want more. And more. Doesn't matter how many you have . you want more. We've all been there. Its happened to all of is . Others just don't understand it. They think were crazy. We don't care. Its chicken math. Its how it goes. Admit it. All of us have done it.
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    I admit it, when we move back into the country we will have a lot more chickens and all of that.

    14-2+6*3*4+45-0/2=about a dozen chickens
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