Chicken mauled by dog- please help!

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    Jun 26, 2010
    My young hen, Gamma, was just mauled by a dog. There doesn't seem to be any injuries other than a small nip on the back of her leg and many missing feathers, but I'm not sure if she has any internal injuries. She was panting earlier, but she ate and drank and seems to be fine. Are there any symptoms for internal injuries, like a punctured lung? Please help, these are my first chickens and Gamma means a lot to me.[​IMG]
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    Electrolytes for shock (their biggest enemy after an attack) - a bit of Pedialtye or Gatorade in her water will do in a pinch if poultry electroltyes not on hand. If not readily drinking while still the mix is still cold (effectiveness issue), try spritzing some on cold watermelon or some other fruit they really like. Accomplishes hydration at the same time.

    Quiet comfortable place to recuperate, not too hot and not too cold, with all needs close at hand. If she is happiest with her feather buddies that is fine, so long as they are not pecking at or otherwise pestering her.

    She may become sore and not eat or drink readily, or seem depressed. 1 crushed baby aspirin (81mg) per cup of drinking water is a low dose believed by most to be quite safe (and roughly equivalent to the dose oft quoted on BYC of five 325mg aspirins per gallon of water). Since aspirin is a blood thinner it shouldn't be used during active bleeding or if internal bleeding suspected. Change out for a fresh batch at least once daily. After injury it is not uncommon for a bird to not want to eat or drink yet staying hydrated is crucial. Often, pain relief can go a long way toward inspiring them to want to drink/eat. I've sometimes had Metacam prescribed by a vet for inflammation/injuries and it can be effective.

    Neosporin (with added pain relief ingredient) applied topically to wounds. Best to wash wounds first with 9 parts water/1 part Betadine.

    Watch her very closely for signs of any other injuries and let us know.

    THE DOG - do you know whose dog it was? That topic can wait till you get Gamma treated and comfy. Did you watch this happen? Do you know how long the dog was tormenting Gamma?

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    Jun 26, 2010
    Quote:Yes, it was my friend's dog. I watched it happen, I was chasing him around after he slipped out of his collar and grabbed him after about a moment. He grabbed Gamma and shook her around then I grabbed him and he dropped her.

    Her tail is drooping and she is limping, but she is staying with her flock and is resting a lot.

    Thank you for your help:)

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