Chicken middle toe hurt after being stepped on by toddler

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    Mar 31, 2016
    I feel like the worst chicken mom in the world, but I'm going to be honest, in case it helps any with the future, they will just have to stay in their run when my toddler is around till they get full sized..

    My toddler loves feeding my chicks (with my supervision), they are about 8 weeks now. I enjoy letting them free range too and typically they are smart enough to run from my little guy (when he no longer has food), just not today apparently. While in hot pursuit before I could grab him, one decided to be brave and see if he had more mealworms. She ran at the last minute, but basically he accidentally stepped on her foot as she was running away..

    The middle toe is obviously blue (yellow legs) near where it meets the foot joint and a bit inflamed (compared to the other uninjured foot). The other toes look fine and that is the only one that appears hurt or blue (I can take a pic tomorrow afternoon). She has been limping and standing on one foot, but still manages to hobble and sometimes walk on it to get where she wants to go. She even jumped up on the roost. Eating and drinking fine (so far), but obviously trying to keep weight off of it. I gave her a very low dose of aspirin (should be less then 81mg (looked on here a bit already for advice) mixed in a small amount of eggs I cooked her with a few meal worms mixed in (she really like that and ate it all!).

    Someone else had posted this: in a previous thread.. My question is do I need to make her some type of shoe or splint or should it heal on its own? Also, is giving aspirin to a chicken a good idea? If so, how often? I don't really have anyway to bring her inside and she seems happy to be with the other chicks.

    Thanks for the advice :- /

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