Chicken Nesting but no egg??

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    I have a Marans that has been laying for a couple of weeks now, 2 days on and one day off. Well earlier I was out near the coop and she was in the throws of laying...lots of bawking, in the nest, out of the nest etc. She settled in the nest to finish the job, so I came in the house and figured when I saw her outside again I would go collect her egg. Well that I did. When I opened the nest box what do I see?........NOTHING! She is no longer acting like she has an egg to lay. I'm sure she didn't eat it because no one as even pecked on the eggs. So my question is- Is it possible that it just got too late and she'll finish the job in the morning?? Is that even possible?? Can you tell I'm a newbie? [​IMG]
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    If she's a fairly new layer, she may have "thought" she had to lay an egg, but really didn't.
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    Some of mine do the same from time to time. I don't believe it is anything to be concerned about.

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