Chicken newbie from Colorado


May 29, 2011
Hi all, my name is Kim, I'm from Elizabeth, CO. I have been stalking around this site for the last month or so and decided to finally join, as I am venturing into getting chicks in the next few weeks. My family moved to CO from eastern Nebraska 4 years ago and are still getting our feet wet here. We have lots of space and have not used it to our full potential yet, so we decided this is the year. I have never raised chickens before, my memories of them were as kids staying with grandma and grandpa and collecting eggs from the neighbors hens, as well as petting, feeding and of course chasing but that's about it.

I'm a wife and a mom to 4 kiddos, 2 boys ages 9 and almost 3, and 2 girls ages 6 and 4, owner of 2 dogs and a fish tank so far lol. My other hobbies and joys are spending time with my family and friends, helping with my kids sports, being a daisy girl scout leader, playing co-ed softball this summer, crafting and sewing (love to upcycle!) and enjoying Colorado We are excited about raising chickens as a starting point of eventually getting more animals, and looking to teach our kids more about caring for them (dogs and fish are pretty easy). we currently are still figuring out our coop ideas, and am planning on posting some pics of what we may start with in hopes of getting feedback on where to go from there. Our idea is to make it as cheaply and easily as possible to start out with a few chicks and go from there. I truly enjoy being part of a forum community, and since my kids are older, I don't visit my favorite ones much anymore (babywearer, diaperswappers) and am excited about joining a new community to venture into another part of my life! Have a blessed day all!

from Alabama. Chickens are a great experience for children. My little cousins love ours & enjoy collecting eggs. Good luck on you chicken adventure
Welcome from Western Kentucky. Good luck with your new adventure into chickens! Your kids will love them and it will be a great experience for them (You'll like 'em, too!). Chickens are very addicting! And besides, you can teach your kids "chicken math" (that's "more chickens, and more chickens, and more chickens" haha)!

deb g
Welcome from NW Ohio. You will never regret it. I just bought our first 10 and love them. The dog enjoys their company too.
WELCOME KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know what i just noticed...........................alot of people stalk around this site before they join. i know i did for a couple of months. and if you ever have any questions abot your backyard animals, this is the forum to go to. there are always people lurking around this site. good luck, hope you enjoy!

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