--Chicken Newbies-- expecting to pick up our day old chicks next week


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Jun 3, 2010
I am so excited about this chicken project:D. I ordered two Rhode Island Reds and two Easter Eggers from mypetchicken.com today. My husband and his dad have made this cool chicken house with craftsman details (lol) and I have nary a clue of how to care for our feathered friends yet. I have many questions such as did I choose good breeds for a backyard coop? I have the weekend to study up
from Washington!!

I have both breeds and I have to say......... My RIR is friendly but is an aggressive layer, she is the boss and she lays almost every day!! My easter egger's are very friendly and follow me around everywhere but they haven't layed an egg yet so I can't tell you how many they lay a week. But I do know their eggs are BEAUTIFUL and green/blue!!!! All are pretty easy to take care of and have great personalities! I wish you all the best of luck and have fun with them they will make you fall in love with them soon after they arrive!! Have fun!!
Good luck with those easter eggers! I bet you are excited to see what color they will produce. Is it a longer wait for the first egg with them? Anyway, I did have one question for anyone. We have this small chicken coop on the side of our house between our house and neighbors yard there is a fence. We are planning to simply close off the side yard between our house and that fence so the chickens can just take over that large area. We have almost an acre but no fence around most of it so complete free ranging is out of the question. Is a run really necessary if we have a set up like this? My only concern is hawks and such..



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