Chicken Nipple Drinker Systems. Need a Custom system built? We can do that too!

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    Me and my Fiancé have been making these locally for sometime now being confident with out systems we thought we would offer them to our fellow BYC members! We are working on heated systems for winter those should be ready with in the next month!

    Our nipple drinkers have 360 degree side action pin and derlin body. Pins made from stainless steel so they won't rust! We use 2 inch PVC for our Drinker Pods and Tee Drinkers.

    Custom drinkers can be made if you have an idea or want to customize the styles we offer we will build it for you. PM us your idea maybe a simple drawing and we'll make a quote for you!

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    Prices and more information are on the pictures!
    Six Pod Bucket Drinkers are also offered. Six Pod Drinkers include white five gallon bucket with lid, 6 Drinker Pods, and 30 foot of vinyl water line 5 foot each, and 6 mounting brackets and screws. Please tell us if you would like different lengths or they will all be 5 foot long each. $68.00

    1 nipple is enough for 2-4 chickens
    Longer water lines can be ordered for $1.00 a foot after 5 foot. So if you buy 10 foot you will only be charged for 5 foot.
    Bigger or smaller reservoir tanks can be purchased.
    Ask for pricing on other customizations.

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