Chicken noise bothering the neighbors? Here's a solution!

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    Court rules on noisy chickenFrom correspondents in Geneva
    July 05, 2008 06:22am
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    A SWISS court has ordered that a chicken be locked up in a soundproof box every night so its neighbours can get a good night's sleep.

    The court at Ticino in southern Switzerland even stipulated that the box, in which the chicken must be kept from 10pm to 7am, should be at least eight cm thick and insulated with glass wool, , the ATS news agency reported today.

    The decision ends a five-year battle between the authorities in the village of Sant'Antonio and the chicken's owner.

    The authorities, alerted by complaints from neighbours, earlier ordered that the bird be put in a henhouse at night. The measure, however, was found to be pointless.
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    Boy, thats a long fight over a bird!
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    Quote:So...if this is the "norm" for a solution of noisy hens....can they make a neighbor put a dog, or a said box?? Give me a break.! THIS is why we live in the neighbors close enough to worry.
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    Apr 30, 2008
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    as I read this post my cousins roosters (he lives next door) has 5 roo's are crowing up a storm they do it all day.
    I love the crowing by the way it reminds me that I live in town that doesn't feel it has to tell you what you can do on your own property
    And lo and behold I hear a raspy sick kind of coughing clearing of little checkens throat , what could it be >that's right its my little red cochin banty that I was praying would be a hen.
    Good ilthing I like the crowing cause so far out of 27 chicks I have 4 confirmed Roo's so far.
    Hope the neighbors on the other side hate the crowing cause I can't stand them.
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