Chicken not able to stand very well and seems to be passing blood in water

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Oct 1, 2012
She is not very old; we got her as a baby about 2 month's ago. She is a french hen with a beautiful dark grey, whitish and red specks.

She is eating and drinking very well, but seems to be weak on her legs. She can walk a bit, but sits back down again. I cannot find anything wrong with her legs; they seem to be normal in shape and size.

She is passing water like toilet and I am sure it is a reddish brown in colour. So she must have toilet issues, since she is eating pellets which means she is not off her food!

Have her currently in our bath as it is mighty cold, and noticed that the others tend to pick on her.

Her floppy bit is a dull red, but in all honesty, I have not taken much notice before, so do not know if it is her normal colour. Her eyes are also bright.

Currently, I do not fear for her life, but there is definately something not right!

We will only take her to the vets if things get worse, because here in France, they laugh and have no respect for the chicken population!

Thank you for replying!

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I think I mislead you a bit on her age! She was not actually a baby ie one that has just come out of the egg and so she was ready to eat as the others do. The chap who we purchased her from said that she was ready to eat pellets and we have done this for nearly 9 years! I actually said to my husband that despite our very crude methods (as I am learning here), we have been rather blessed in our chicken's health - until now!

I have a theory but that is because evidence seems to be pointing in that direction.

Along side our french hens, we also purchased two guine fowl and in all honesty, I am wondering if they are carrying a disease, because strangely enough, I let out our two rabbits into the enclosure and now one of them is not so well!! We have lost one chicken and one turkey and another turkey and chicken were not well, but got better and now yet another chicken ie this one and the rabbit!!! I have not changed any of their habits!

We have only ever had one chick but her mum killed her and since then nothing!
The medicated chick starter has antibiotics in to guard against cocci. I had ducklings in with my babies, but had to remove them because they mess the feed & water up too much. Greek yoghurt is a great probiotic and chickens
it. Scrambled egg is a great comfort food, and is a good source of protein.

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