Chicken not eating/drinking and vomiting. Help!


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Mar 6, 2014
I have a white easter egger. She has been the bottom of the pecking order and has always been sketchy, skinny and fast because of it. We love her dearly though, (she has such a personality) and she is very ill. I have not witnessed her eat or drink in a few days. She has had Tylan 50 injections for 4 days now and she is no better. She vomits everytime we catch her and there is a lot of yellowish fluid, but nothing else. She is lethargic, but will still put up a fight when we try to catch her. She stands fine. I checked her vent and see no signs of and critters. I have not seen her poop in a couple of days so I can't check a stool sample. I have checked her crop for grit, but it is empty. None of the other girls exhibit and problems whatsoever. Please help if you have any suggestions. Is it worth trying to force some electrolyte fluids down her. I am afraid she will just throw them back up. If I should do that, how do you force feed a chicken?
How many waterers are there?She may be overhighdrated.And if you only have a few,hens wont drink and shes at the bottom so she's probably picked on whenever she goes to grab a drink.Also the fact she's at the bottom won't allow her to get anything in her diet,so that's probably why she's not eating.Also dehidrating causes dry poop or constapassion.If you catch her pooping check it out.Alot of times chickens find foods and eat it,but what all do you feed them?
She has access to water. We always take it out of the coop and set it in the run and they don't seem to bother her there. We have laying pellets as well as a flock block. We give them meal worms as a treat and some table scraps (fruit veggies etc). We make sure that she gets her share of these. She always hangs back, but I throw food out and all the rest go for it, and then i throw some right to her and they leave her alone. I am separating her today though and can monitor her better then. At this point, what else do I do???
Well,1 water isn't enough.But she could be having swallowing problems.Puking isn't normally.I'm not sure what she has.Sounds like she's dehidrATED,but at this point,to me it doesn't sound like a death causing problem,but to be positive
i'd have her veted on.
Okay new symptom. Her crop is huge and feels like a fluid filled balloon! She is vomiting up what is inside there. Is this grit? What do I do? I have an appt with the vet tomorrow, but anything now?
I have done my research and she has sour crop. Purging her is the next step. Antibiotics were bad. I have heard conflicting reports on food afterward. Some say only water for 12 hrs, others say yogurt and apple cider vinegar. Any thoughts?

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