Chicken not laying.

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Odyssey88, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Odyssey88

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    Jun 4, 2016
    Ok so a little back story here. When Blanche (my easter egger chick) was maybe 4 months old she was attacked by something. Not any big gashes. She somehow ended up in the front yard over a 7 foot fence and had 2 small puncture marks on her neck. She was also in shock, so for a month I had to for feed her, exercise her, and keep her inside with me. Anyway she finally got better but she is different now then how she was before the attack. Like she walks a little funny and her tail is always to to side. She dosnt jump on me or my kids anymore, and she seems to have to work a little harder to do her chicken thing. ANYWAY, back to the at hand matter. In December my other 2 girl (Rose and Dorathy) started laying eggs and Blanche started in January,(one egg each about 6times a week)but for some reason Blanche hasn't layed any eggs for about 3 weeks now. She is not sick, has plenty of safe places to lay, eats healthy layer pellets, veggies and any bugs or lizards she can get beak on, is only 1 year old and I'm pretty sure she isn't molting. I have no idea why she hasn't layed an egg is so long. Could it have been because of the attack when she was younger and maybe messed something up inside her? Could it be because I took her eggs while she was broody? I just don't know what to do to get her to lay eggs again. I have been giving then more protein and they have enough calcium from there feed. Anyone have an idea as to what might be wrong with her egg production? Should I get a rooster to maybe stimulate her eggs again?
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    How old is she? It is the time of year for them to molt and quit laying for a while. If she laid eggs at any time after the attack, I'm pretty sure it's not that. If she hasn't laid an egg since then, I suppose it's possible. How long ago was she broody? I took the eggs from my last broody - she insisted on sitting on the nest for 3 weeks anyway, despite being removed several times a day - until she gave up her broodiness. It was still a few weeks after that that she started laying again. Gotta get those hormones rebalanced, I guess. A rooster will not "stimulate her eggs". If she's going to produce eggs, she will do so with or without a rooster around.
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    Jun 4, 2016
    She is only a year old and hasn't been broody for a couple of months. I know they don't need roosters to lay eggs. But I was thinking she would feel safer with one around so it would get her back in balance. I don't see any balding spot on her but she is getting a few new neck feathers. I would think that they would all start to molt around the same time. But my other 2 are still laying and arnt growing any new feathers.
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    Sounds like a partial molt or start of a full molt.
    Some birds molt hard and all at once go darn near naked, and other lose and regrow a few at a time over a longer period of time.

    Has she laid at all since being broody?
    Did you break her of her broodiness or...?

    If she free ranges, might she be laying out in range area?
    EE's can be inconsistent layers.

    Check her vent and pelvic points to know is she's laying or not,
    inspect the birds that are laying for a comparison.

    Dry, tight, and smaller - usually not laying.
    Moist, wide, and larger - usually laying

    Pelvic Points 2 bony points(pelvic bones) on either side of vent:
    Less than 2 fingertip widths apart usually means not laying.
    More than 2 fingertip widths apart usually means laying.
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    She's taking a break.
    Probably a soft molt.
    Or maybe her egg production system just needs a break.
    Unless she is obviously sick, don't worry about it.
    Keep her well fed & watered, provide oyster shell and keep her protected.
    And just enjoy having her around.
  6. Odyssey88

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    Jun 4, 2016
    I definitely enjoy having her around. She is still my favorite even after she changed from the accident. She has so much personality. :)

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