Chicken not sitting or standing, but laying. Cold shock?


Jan 13, 2016
We had an extrememly cold night 2 days ago.

3 of my chickens died over night and 2 where barely alive. (All these chickens didn't sleep inside the coop that night)
And all the rest (12) where fine (these slept in the coop).

I worked on the 2 by attempting to warm them up -putting them in the sun and warming them with the hair dryer.
Unfortunately 1 of those 2 died.
I took the last one inside my house in a box , its warmer in here.
She became more alive, and when beak dipped in water she would drink.
When I gave her some food she barely ate a crumb.
Her breathing got better but she still was only laying on her side (see pic).

She doesn't sit or stand but only lays down. Her whole body is extremely weak.

I woke up once at night to feed her and give her water.

This morning she's even more weaker.
She doesn't drink when her beak is dipped in water.
She only moves her head from side to side.

I lifted her head a bit by putting a smooth rock and an old rag under her head for support.

This is the picture of her now.
Any help is most appreciated.
I don't know what else to do.


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Jul 16, 2015
I think she isn't going to make it, it sounds like you have done about all you can for her. How cold did it get, chickens can withstand fairly low temperatures, and do you know why they were outside, something doesn't sound right.


Jan 13, 2016
She died an hour ago. :(
I'm completely devastated.
Thank you for your encouraging statement.
We traveled this weekend and had a neighbor watch them.
Coming home late at night, I didn't get a chance to check on my girls till morning. And found them in that state. Apparently the neighbor said they were all fine before.

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