Chicken only lays inside the house.


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Jul 10, 2016
Hey everyone!!! Newbie here. So I'm confused because one of my hens only lays an egg when I bring her inside the house and put her in a dog crate. Otherwise she will sing he egg song all morning without laying the egg. Has anybody else experienced this? Any advise?
What type of set up do you have? Do you have nest boxes with enough bedding in them?


Sorry still getting the hang of this.
They are in a chicken coop with a very large run. Yes she has a nest box but since I only have two hens and only one is laying we thought only one nest box would be enough until the other one started laying.
Okay well thank you very much :) I was wondering if maybe I was spoiling her bringing her inside the house to lay.
I was mostly worried about the neighbors being annoyed by her singing. But I guess I'll just leave her be.
Thank you
Well I appreciate the Egg song it means that I'll have an amazing breakfast omelet ;). The neighbors, however, might have a different opinion. But I have dogs so they will just have to get used to the noise like they did my dogs barking

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