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In late October I hatched 3 eggs. I thought I ended up with 2 males and one female as 2 began to crow after a couple of months. When I introduced my new chickens into my flock, one of my assumed roosters/cockerels stopped crowing, was very flighty and frightened and was getting very picked on. Eventually he got so pecked that I seperated him from the flock. It has been several days and still no crowing. My obvious male and my pullet have adjusted well. The cockerel defends and cares for the pullet he was raised with but, abandoned my now unsexed chicken. Do I have a female that attempted crowing? Do I have a male that just doesn't get it? The chicken in question is a jersey giant (my first), I know that physically they develop late. Do they mentally develop late as well? Could it be a male that just wasn't ready to be added to the flock? Regardless of sex, how do I reintroduce this bird into the flock? I have never just added one and the other 2 newbies are already in the fold. Any advice would be appreciated.
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A pic would be good!!

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One of your other roosters is the dominant one and won't allow him to crow anymore. This happened with mine. When I first got my blue roo, he crowed. Then the buff roo started attacking him when he crowed so he stopped. Now they get along like best buds. The blue one isn't allowed to mate either, so when I'm ready to breed him I'll have to separate them.
Thanks for the info. I am wondering about this though. My dominant rooster did not pick on my other rooster. The hens were the ones that pecked him. Would a hen do that to a rooster/cockerel? I am still not sure if I have a male. He has been seperated from the flock for a week now and still does not crow.
i'm not an expert (i'm only on my second rooster) and the second chicken i ever owned,but he was 6months old before he started to crow,its been 2 months and he's just about got it down..he's my only chicken..he also is starting to bully my dogs and one of my grandchildren so far , any tips on how to show him who's boss? i pick him up and scold him, with the weather breakin i will be able to spend more time out with him.
It's been two weeks of seperation and my rooster(?) hasn't started crowing again. He is still very nervous. He is healing and I want to reintroduce him to the flock but, am afraid he will get pecked a lot again. Any suggestions? Can anyone help me confirm the sex of this chicken? Any advice would be appreciated.

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